Meet Our Dogs at Rockwall Doodles

Cinder at Rockwall Doodles


Cinder lives with her Dad Jon and has several cats as siblings. She’s living her best life with a Dad who adores her!

Cinder at Rockwall Doodles

Baxter - Future Daddy

He is one of the sweetest dogs I know! He loves to snuggle, is extremely compliant and can go from playful to melting in your arms in a heartbeat. Baxter fits in wherever he goes. He is best described as ‘a pleasure’ to have around! He’s the perfect size at 28lbs.

Cinder at Rockwall Doodles


A medium sized Parti Brown Merle Goldendoodle. She weighs 48lbs. She has passed all of her health testing and will be a Momma in the near future.

Cali lives with her Guardian Stephanie who not only trains this amazing girl, but also has taken on learning how to groom this girl that has a coat as soft as cotton.

Cinder at Rockwall Doodles

Elliot - Future Daddy

Handsome Elliot is a joy to be around! What a smart and fun guy he is. The combination of a wonderful temperament and amazing structure in a 22lb package.

Cinder at Rockwall Doodles

Fiona - Future Momma

If all goes as planned we will breed her in late 2023. Fiona is a daughter to Peppa and Murphy.

We feel fortunate to have her waiting in the wings to carry on Murphy’s legacy and spread more of his sunshine on the world.

Cinder at Rockwall Doodles

Darby - Future Momma

She is a daughter to Peppa and Rugar. Fully health tested and looking forward to having beautiful babies soon!

Happy and Satisfied Puppy Parent

“I was referred to Rockwall Doodles by a good friend, and I have to say it has been the most pleasant experience. Joi is kind, eager to help, and very knowledgable. She easily answered all of my never ending questions and encouraged more. She offered advice, was very flexible to arrange meetings and sent videos and pictures to hold us over until we get to meet our sweet pup. Her puppy area is super clean and the puppies are clearly well cared for. We cannot wait to take our little love home.”


Retirement is Blissful

Remi & Dalton
These two gorgeous dogs were the foundation of our program. Both of them are retired yet remain the focus of our home and breeding program.

Remi is an amazing puppy training and works with each litter to ensure they are respectful of adult dogs.

Dalton is our gentle boy that teaches the puppies that other dogs are safe.

Remi and Dalton are a team and give a bit of themselves to every little Rockwall Doodle that enters the world.

peppa at the beach living the good life


This beautiful girl has retired and is living the good life with her family. We sure do miss having this sweet momma around!!

Our Commitment To You

At Rockwall Doodles we believe it’s important to let you be a part of this amazing experience from start to finish instead of simply buying a puppy.

We pride ourselves in keeping you informed and letting you enjoy life behind the scenes at Rockwall Doodles.

Apply To Be A Puppy Parent

Puppy Picks at Rockwall Doodles

At Rockwall Doodles families choose their pups and leave with them the same day. Picking order is based on the order reservation fees were paid and we utilize a master list for our future puppy families.

After an application is accepted, we discuss paying the $300 reservation fee. Once a non-refundable reservation fee is paid you will be added to the master list.

When we have a confirmed pregnancy we will contact people in order that reservation fees were paid. We will give you the information about the parents, due date and anticipated go home date as well as your position for picking order.

You will have 2 days to decide if you want to be placed on the litter list offered.  If you do not want to be on that litter list you simply will remain on the master list and be contacted when our next pregnancy is confirmed. You move up the master list as people receive their puppies.

How and when will I choose my puppy?

You will not know which pup is yours until 8 weeks! At that time you will choose your puppy based on your position on the Master List.

What if I do not have first pick? Will I still get a good puppy?

At Rockwall Doodles we do puppy evaluations at 7 weeks old. This information helps us understand the environment each puppy will thrive in. We will pass on this information to everyone that has paid a reservation fee.

Each person will be able to analyze the information and use it as part of the information to choose their puppy. Allowing us to match the best pup for your lifestyle.

At your appointed time (at 8 weeks old) you will let us know what pups you are interested in from puppies that are available. We will give you our opinion and help guide you to the best fit for you and your situation.

The person that has toddlers would definitely need a different pup than the person that wants to go hiking every weekend or the person that wants a Therapy dog.

What if the puppy I wanted is already chosen?

We ask all potential Rockwall Doodles parents to keep their hearts open to all colors, coats and gender of the puppy you want to have join your family.

Decide what are your must haves in a puppy and what you are flexible on. We know and understand what environment our puppies will best thrive in.

If you do not want any of the pups that are available than we can move you to a future litter.

What if we chose a pup that you do not think is a good fit for us?

We will explain why we feel it’s not a good fit and also what we feel can be done to make it work to get the best life for our pup in your home.

Our belief is that there is no ‘best’ pup in the litter, rather the best pup for each family, their needs and their situation.

When I asked my family and close friends that knew all our pups which one they would pick, surprisingly, it was different for each person for various reasons.

When someone chooses a puppy based solely on color/looks they are not thinking of the puppies needs.

I am! My job is to find the right family for each of my pups.

types of goldendoodles

The only way you are removed from the master list position is when you receive a puppy.

Please note that I have the first 2 spots on EVERY litter. Nobody is ever first or second pick except me.

Every list will start with #3

If any person chooses to change their mind once placed on the litter list and wishes to wait for a future litter, (removing them from that particular litter list) the choice to fill their spot is mine!

I may simply move everyone up a spot or I may fill that spot with someone that needs a service dog, ESA or other situation based solely at my discretion.

When you place your reservation fee, you are acknowledging your understanding of our master list system.